Rice Bran Flour

King Rice Bran Flour is produced from 100% premium, non-GMO and food-grade de-oiled rice bran and rice germ of brown rice via physical process. It is low in fat, light brown in colour with natural pleasant aroma and mild sweet taste of toasted rice bran.

King Rice Bran Flour can proportionally replace wheat flour or other flour in wide range of food applications such as snack, bakery, cookies, breakfast cereal, meat replacer, batter mix, noodles, pizza base and healthy drink.

King Rice Bran Flour has stable shelf-life, high in fibre and contains Vitamins making it suitable to be added to food and beverage for enhancing nutritional benefits.

  • Gluten Free
  • Low GI (Glycemic Index)
  • High Fibre and Iron
  • High Vitamin B1 and B3
  • Source of Protein, Vitamin B6 and B9
  • Non-GMO