First Steps from Providing Value To the Premium Quality

“King Rice Oil Group” began with the establishment of “Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd.” in 1977 producing King Rice Bran Oil with realization of the valuable nutrition of Thai rice bran.

Under the business concept that focuses on quality, safety and environmental consciousness. We focus on development of the product, technology and production capacity. The development of the potentiality of product delivery and improvements in high-quality and consistent services ensure that the product meets the specifications of our customers. The company is concerned with society and the environment at all times.

Now “King Rice Oil Group” is the manufacturer of high quality Rice Bran Oil, Crude Rice Bran Oil and Defatted Rice Bran along with related innovative products, for distribution within Thailand and Export to more than 30 countries worldwide.
We are one of the leaders of the Rice Bran Oil business and Rice-Bran-based products which is well recognized internationally.

The “King Rice Oil Group” consists of three companies:

Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd.

The parent company; established in 1977.

Thai Edible Oil Co., Ltd., is one of the world’s top producers with strong expertise in producing rice bran oil and other related products.

The company operates two production plants, one in Prapadaeng district, Samut Prakan province, and the other in Sikhiu district, Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Thai Ruam Jai Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.

The world’s top ranking of the largest extraction capacity; established in 1988.

The company is one of the world’s largest crude rice bran oil manufacturers.

The company produces crude rice bran oil and high-quality defatted rice bran for livestock feed industry, and is located in Bang Sai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

Thai Ruam Jai Korat Co., Ltd.

The most advance production technology; established in 2010.

The company produces high-quality crude rice bran oil with the most advanced production technology and produces premium quality defatted rice bran for livestock feed industry.

Thai Ruam Jai Korat Co., Ltd., is located in Sikhiu district, Nakhon Ratchasima province.